SEO for Local Businesses in Pakistan

Areesh Ishtiaq is a standard and reliable SEO Pakistan Agency that specializes in delivering of well-tailored local SEO services for Small,
Medium & Large Businesses. We have worked with several start-up businesses and developed companies to enhance their website ranking on search engines based on their specific location.
We have the required skills and
experience to take your business’s website to the first pages of search engine result pages within your targeted location. We are versatile and have full knowledge of how Google and other search engines algorithm work, and we know how to incorporate all the required terms to help your website rank higher.

SEO Case Study - 1

Project Details

  • URL:
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Audience: New Zealand
  • Search Engine: Google New Zealand
  • Service Provided: Complete Onpage Offpage and Technical SEO Service.
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SEO Case Study - 2

Project Details

  • URL:
  • Niche: Ikea Dealers in NZ
  • Audience: New Zealand
  • Search Engine: Google NZ
  • Service Provided: Complete Onpage Offpage and Technical SEO Service.
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Top Rated SEO Expert in Pakistan

Being a Top Rated SEO Consultant Pakistan, We take extra care of your Local SEO Campaign to ensure not to compromise our presence on the top market place. We focus on enhancing your website visibility on local search engines and help you generate more traffics based on your immediate environment. Our years of professional local SEO experience helps us in delivering well-tailored Pakistan’s SEO services, that will take your websites to the top result pages of search engines and also generate more sales. We carry out a practical search engine analysis of your website and ensure it aligns with the search engines algorithm. We deploy all necessary strategies it needs to help you rank ahead of your competitors.

They have good time experience in Google My Business Submission for Pakistani Businesses and we know how to make your site show in Google 3 Pack listings. Furthermore, we offer a free local Pakistan SEO consultancy service, where we discuss and analyze how we can help you improve your website visibility on Google Pakistan and other search engines. We give you a comprehensive report on things that are affecting your website ranking. Afterward, we provide a detailed explanation of strategies we will deploy to help you solve this SEO backwardness in order to rank your website to the top pages of search engines.

SEO Case Study - 3

Project Details

  • URL:
  • Niche: Vintage Clothing Store
  • Audience: United Kingdom
  • Search Engine: Google UK
  • Service Provided: Complete Onpage Offpage and Technical SEO Service.
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While some SEO Pakistan agencies here in Pakistan employ Blackhat and other poor ranking tools for their client websites, we at Areesh Ishtiaq adhere strictly to the search google algorithm while we work on your Pakistan SEO. We employ Google, Bing, and other search engines safe SEO technics without going off the limit. We believe in a safe SEO ranking practice to ensure your website does not violate any of the search engine policies. This helps us to secure a lasting Pakistani Search engine rankings for your website.

SEO Case Study - 4

Project Details

  • URL:
  • Niche: Govt. Grant Consultancy
  • Audience: Australia
  • Search Engine: Google Australia
  • Service Provided: Complete Onpage Offpage and Technical SEO Service.
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Our affordable SEO services in Pakistan help you promote your website to your targeted audience. We get you covered when someone around your business environment or coverage check for your services on the search engine with the use of keywords or key phrases related to your website services. To achieve this, we use short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords that are location-based to help your website rank well in your location.

Our local SEO Pakistan services help you secure a lasting SEO solution that will surpass your expectation. We employ on-page and off-page SEO optimization services to ensure you get the best of our local SEO Pakistan services. We put in every necessary strategy to improve your website URL and the internal linking structure; we work on your website content and ensure the appropriate use of keywords. This includes the website content and blog posts, website speed, product description, website link, tags, meta description, headings, etc.

SEO Case Study - 5

Project Details

  • URL:
  • Niche:  Window Cleaning service in New Zealand
  • Audience: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Provided: Complete Onpage Offpage and Technical SEO Service.
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Local SEO is an act of optimizing your website ranking based on your current location or your targeted location to make sure your website appears on the top result pages for people searching for your services in that particular area. The concept makes people searching for specific services to get their solution within their immediate location. Local is great for local businesses to build their customer based within their immediate business environment. Local SEO has the potential to convert effectively than other search optimization process because it helps you promote your business directly to people in needs of your services in your environment.


The price for local SEO service varies from one location to another. Moreover, local SEO agencies are independent, and they can decide any cost they want to charge for any of their services. Therefore, there is no universal price for local. However, the prevailing rate for local SEO services is between $399 and $500. This should cover the consultation service, website research and analytics, and the on-page website SEO optimization.


Google and other search engines take account of people’s location when anytime they search for information on their search engine. Through this, Google includes proximity factor in their local search algorithm to ensure they tailored people search result within their immediate environment. This helps them to analyze people’s searches on their search engine based on their current location to source out the best solution within their immediate geographical area. The idea is to help people to discover whatever they need within their environment quickly. Meanwhile, one exciting thing about local SEO is it is specially designed for locally based businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, doctors, lawyers, schools, etc. and the research result for different locations are always different.
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