App Store Optimizatization

AreeshIsthiaq is a professional Application SEO service provider with over 5 years of experience in delivering effective and lasting application SEO services. We have worked with several mobile and desktop application builders and individuals to help them optimize their application on google and other search engines.

Our Application SEO services cover both mobile apps and desktop applications. The app optimization service is suitable for Both Mobile and Desktop applications.

Our Application SEO helps you promote your mobile and desktop apps on search engines, in which whenever people search for services related to your application, your application will be listed on the search engine result pages. We also help you optimize your landing page for the app to ensure everything works together to guarantee a better result.

Our mobile Application SEO covers iPhone apps, Android Apps, Windows Apps, and Blackberry Apps, while computer application SEO covers Macbook and PCs.

Some mobile applications require landing page, especially apps that are not listed on PlayStore or Apple store. As such, we deploy our web design skills to build a simple and well-optimized landing page for your application. As such, people checking out for your applications on search engines can easily click on the landing page to install your apps.

This also occurs in desktop apps. As a matter of fact, most desktop apps are always independent and available on the developer website. Yes, this is also part of our Application SEO consultant services. If you have an existing website or landing page, we help you optimize it so it can be easily discovered on Google, Bing, and other search engines. And supposedly you don’t have – we help you develop a beautiful landing page to entice your targeted audience and let them download your desktop application easily.

We use Latent Semantic Indexing and google keyword planner to search for popular keywords that people use to search for a related application to yours on search engines and deploy it in your app description, landing page, About us and other related content on your application.

Often time, we offer discount prices for clients that order for two to three of our SEO packages, like mobile and video SEO. Moreover, the local and global SEO strategy is also useful when it comes to application SEO. We sustain your mobile and desktop SEO based on your preferred location.

We also offer on-page SEO for mobile and desktop applications to enhance the overall user experience of the application. We work on the speed optimization of the apps, customize the interface, and make it super easy to use.

For mobile apps, AreeshIsthiaq can also help you upload your mobile application on PlayStore, Apple Store, Huawei App Store, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Amazon App store, palm store, and many more. Our aultimate goal is to help you promote your mobile and desktop app users and generate more income. We help you achieve this through our specialized Application SEO.


Application SEO is an act of improving app visibility on Google and other search engines. Application SEO, just like other Search Engine Optimization processes, help you to rank your apps on the search engine result page. Whenever people search for related keywords or key phrase that is related to your services - your mobile or desktop apps will appear on the first page of the search engine. Application SEO is different from App Store Optimization (ASO) App store optimization is only limited to your app ranking on the application store. At the same time, Application SEO is related to that of the search engines. However, based on observation, the Application SEO strategy also enhances application ranking on app stores.


Application SEO covers both mobile and desktop apps. Getting an audience for mobile apps is a little hard and sophisticated when compared to that of websites and blogs. Talking about sites, you can easily broadcast your blogs and website on social media, forums, backlink on your friends' blogs, send it as a text message, and all sort. Meanwhile, this is not easy with applications, because it requires a conscious decision making. People are often careful about the kind of app they install on the mobile phone and computer, and it is improbable for them just to want to give it a trial. However, application SEO helps you achieve this quickly.


Choosing the best SEO package for applications can be a little foxy, especially if you don't know much about SEO. However, it is important you ask your SEO service provider some crucial questions about their packages and how it can help your app. Is the app a mobile application or desktop application? Is it a news and information application for a particular location or a social media application for global use? A mobile SEO will be great for mobile apps, and desktop SEO is the best for desktop apps. A local SEO is the best for local news application, and global SEO will do the magic for a universal app.