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AreeshIsthiaq offers a broad range of global SEO services that helps you rank your international website rank on the global search engines. We have worked with a wide range of international companies to optimize their websites and enhance their sites ranking on the top global search engine result page.

Global Search Engine Optimization is the most effective medium to expand your market based on the world wide web and generate more income. This also helps you to maintain effective communication with your customers through regular updates about your services.

AreeshIsthiaq and his team of professional SEO specialists are well versed in every area of global search engine optimization, coupled with our several years of experience in delivering top-notch and standard engine optimization services at a compelling price.

AreeshIsthiaq International SEO Agency has worked on over a hundred websites by making their sites align easily with search engines algorithm and sky rock their website position to the first top pages of the global search engines results page.

AreeshIsthiaq, as a global SEO company, helps you expand your international business by generating traffic across the world to your business website. Thinking about it, imagine generating over a million traffic all over the world on your site every day, with the people checking your business services to make purchases. Our global SEO services help you take your business to the focal point of the international community and generate more sales.

Furthermore, using our Global SEO ranking service will helps you enhance your business website on the international search engine, which is synonymous with marketing and advertisement. In fact, we often recommend our global

Our global SEO services cover all times of websites, including WordPress, Shopify, bloggers, Wix, Php, and other digital website platforms. We make use of targeted keywords, both long-tail and short-tail keyword, to place you ahead of your competition on the search engine. We also ensure we work on your interlink, backlinks, URL, and user experience to ensure you get the best of our global SEO services.

Plus, we care more about our customers’ satisfaction. We understand the best way to maintain a long-term relationship with you, and at the same time, get more referrals from you is to ensure you get the value of what you are paying for. We make use of white hart to ensure you get a permanent spot on the first pages of the global search engine result pages irrespective of your location or local languages; we get you covered.

Our global SEO services also entail free consultation services to take you through how SEO works and how you can make the best of it to broaden your business and get more customers. We offer you tailored quotes according to your specified needs. Plus, we do not compromise on quality, so you can rely on us for 100% permanent organic search engine optimization for your website. SEO services as the first marketing strategy you should consider for their business growth, as it more result-oriented than other forms of advertisement like flayers, television or radio adverts, newspaper advert, and other, our Global SEO services are second to none.


Global SEO is the optimization of websites or content for multiple regions or areas across the world. This encompasses the optimization of your website content to cover several countries and languages. You can achieve this by creating different domain extensions for different regions like .de for German, .fr for French, .uk for England, .ru for Russia, .ng for Nigeria and other countries your business extends to. You can also consider google auto-translation for a single domain name, which will automatically translate your website to the people language. This helps you to cover several countries at a go and take your website to the top search page of these regions and countries.


Global SEO is excellent for international companies with a wide range of customers all over the world. Global SEO is also suitable for eCommerce platforms that want to expand their customer base and have the required facilities to export their products to other companies. Social websites and international blogs can also make use of global SEO to generate more traffics and promote their websites to the focal point of people across the world. However, we often recommend global SEO for businesses with have existing branches or presence in about three or four countries and want to stretch their services to other countries or continents.


There is nowhere that it is stated that this is the fixed price for global SEO. The cost of Global SEO services often varies depending on the SEO agency you are awarding your project and the kind of result you are looking forward to. However, the prices are between $500-$2,000/month based on the size and scope of the project. A one-time project can be between $1,000-$3,000, and hourly rates for SEO consultant is often between $22-$50/hour. It is important you ask your SEO consultant some crucial questions on what their project entails before you award the contract and also ensure you emphasize on quality to ensure you have a long-lasting result without any restriction from Google.